Anatolia is located on an important migration route for birds and it is the home of about 500 bird species. Göksu Delta is one of the numbered bird migration routes in the world. Optimum conditions of the Delta allow rare and endangered bird species to live, nest, feed and accommodate in the area. Göksu wetlands, which are internationally important, are located in the south of Silifke. Göksu Delta was formed by the alluvia carried by Göksu River and it is the homeland of many endemic plant species. Göksu Delta has a well-preserved nature and it is very rich in bird species. Of all known 332 bird species, 70 definitely breed in the delta and 20 is most likely to do so. The delta was given the status of Protected Area for its worldwide endangered species. These species include cormorants and dalmatian pelicans that can be observed in large numbers in the area during non-nesting season of birds, nesting marbled teals and ferruginous ducks, greater spotted eagles and imperial eagles that spend the winter there.

Göksu Delta is a famous location among birdwatchers. It is also a nesting area for caretta carettas and green sea turtles. Visitors should be careful, especially in the nesting season, because caretta carettas are very shy and sensitive. They must be kept away from noise and evening lights.