Cennet-Cehennem Archeological Site is located in Narlıkuyu neighbourhood, on Mersin-Silifke highway. It is a remarkable site with an interesting structure and exotic atmosphere. Cehennem (Hell) Cave is about 128 meters deep and made of sharp, narrow karst holes. Cennet (Heaven) Cave is a huge pit that was created by the collapse of the cave roof due to chemical erosion caused by an underground stream. Mouth of Cennet Cave is shaped like an ellipse with 250 meters and 110 meters in diameter, and its depth is 70 meters. In the south of the pit, there is a 200 meters long and 135 meters deep cave entrance and a small church next to it.

On an epitaph next to the church entrance, there are 4 lines written to indicate that the church was built in the name of Virgin Mary by a devout called Paulus in 5th century.