Narlıkuyu is an adorable bay located on Antalya-Mersin highway, about 65 kilometers away from Mersin with its crystal clear sea. What makes Narlıkuyu unique is, however, the underground waters meet the sea in Narlıkuyu. You can enjoy swimming in the refreshing waters of the area or hire a wherry to go on a tour.

There is a public bath located right next to the bay in Narlıkuyu. It was built in 4th century, in the age of Roman Empire. It is known to be built by the order of an eminent statesman called Poimenios. The bath was designed to use the water of the underground stream in Cennet Cave. On the floor of the bath, there are three demigoddess sisters depicted on a mosaic. Zeus’ three daughters, Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia are depicted dancing and laughing among doves and partridges on the mosaics. There is a Greek text on top of the mosaic that says:


“O friendly visitor! Should you wonder who found the secret source of this miraculous water, who unearthed it; you should know that it was Poimenious, an ally of emperors and honest governor of Holy Islands.”