Kayacı Valley is a hidden paradise that is 15 kilometers away from Limonlu neighbourhood, Erdemli, Mersin. 130 kilometers long Limonlu Stream flows through the valley towards Central Taurus Mountains and reaches the sea there. The valley is a centre of attention not only with its stream and green flora, but with its cliffs and topography as well. Kayacı Valley is located in between steep cliffs that reach up to 150-200 meters, and it is a preferred location for those who want to get away from the noise and the stress of city especially in summer. There are many picnic areas in the valley. The most famous of these areas is Doktorun Yeri (The Doctor’s Place). The threes above Doktorun Yeri act as a natural sunshade. It helps the area stay cool during the hot days of summer, and also allows a visual feast with light beams escaping through the leaves and dancing on the blue waters. You can rent a car from Mersin or Erdemli city centre to travel to Kayacı Valley, or you can take the buses taking off from Erdemli Hükümet Konağı (Erdemli Government Office).