St. Paulus’ Well is located in about 300 meters north of Cumhuriyet Area, Kızılmurat Neighbourhood and in Tarsus county centre. It is located in an area full of ancient Mersin houses, in the backyard of a house that is considered to be the house of St. Paulus. Some walls were unearthed in the garden in recent archaeological excavations. The fact that these ruins and the well is considered to be holy for many ages indicate the presence of recently wiped out Christian population in the area.

Top stone of the well is circular with a diameter of 1.15 meters, however the main body of the well is square and it was made of square cut-stones. The well is 38 meters deep and there is always water inside regardless of the season. Bypassers going on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem drink this water considered to be holy by Christians. The excavation works carried out in the area unearthed walls adjacent to well that are believed to be parts of the house where St. Paulus was born.