Taşkuyu Cave was discovered in 2006 and later restorated and illuminated by Tarsus Municipality with the support of Çukurova Development Agency.

Taşkuyu Cave is located in about 10 kilometers northwest of Taşkuyu neighbourhood in Tarsus. Permo-carboniferous old marbles and miocene old limestone that covers the marble was formed naturally in the cave. The cave is 470 meters long and its entrance is 214 meters above the sea level. The cave is very close to the surface. Temperature of the cave is 19.5°C-24°C and relative humidity rate ranges from %77 to %89. It is one of the stops in the way to Eshab-ı Kehf, one of Mersin’s most prominant religious centres. It is 500 meters away from Eshab-ı Kehf and mostly covered with dripstones.