Ancient city of Anemurium is located in Mersin’s Anamur county, which was named after the ancient city. The city is also known as Old Anamur. Anemurium was the melting pot of civilizations throughout history. Today, it is a worth-seeing site ornamented with ancient relics and sea landscape. Anemurium was used as a way station especially in the age of Roman Empire because of its close location to Cyprus. The city was connected to Germaniopolis, a prominent Roman city, with a road and it was an important trade centre where natural sources of the region were exported. Although the golden era of Anemurium has ended due to Persian invasion in 260 A.D, there were many ancient relics and buildings left behind. Some of which are:


Ramparts of the region are up to 1.5 kilometers tall and made of blue limestone. Observation towers in the area were built in Hellenistic Period using white limestone.


The theatre is located in the north of Odeon. Seats of the theatre that were built on a slope almost vanished, but some parts of the surrounding walls can be seen in the area. There are two entrances to the theatre and they are supported with arches and vaults.


Odeon is located right across the theatre. It was built on a rectangular plan with two entrances. Seats are aligned to create a semi-circle and have a capacity of hosting 900 people.  Doors under the seats create a passage to the orchestra hall which is supported with vaults and decorated with mosaics. Odeon was made in 2nd century A.D.

Public Bath

Public bath is located in the west of the theatre. It is a two-story building and it is the largest public bath of the site. There are 3 heated halls and 2 swimming pools in the building. Unfortunately, only a small section of the geometrically ornamented floor mosaics remains today.


Gymnasion is located in the southwest of Odeon. Gymnasion’s floors are completely covered with geometrically ornamented mosaics. It is 100 meters tall and built on a 1000 m² area surrounded on three sides by stoas.


There are aqueducts made in the east-west direction in the north of the city.

Necropolis Area

Necropolis Area is one of the most well-preserved sites in the Anemurium archaeological site besides Elaiussa-Sebaste. There are 350 graves in the site.

The city is adorned with dandelions and poppy flowers, especially in spring, that paint a beautiful landscape. Visitors enjoy the singing of the birds and sweet scent of flowers as well as the rich history of the area.

The ancient city is located in the south of Cape Anamur. It is accessible by a 2 kilometers long byroad starting in the 4th kilometer of Gazipaşa Highway.